Here’s How You Can Claim Sling TV Free Trial

Sling TV usually reshuffles the offers and promotional deals throughout the year, replacing free trials with first-month discounts and vice versa. Sometimes, the Sling TV free trial offer is available only through the app while it’s non-existent on the website. 

Netflix and Prime Video are good but nothing beats the spontaneity of live television. If you are willing to ditch your conventional cable subscription, you need a decent all-in-one streaming service with a well-curated live TV channel package and a healthy on-demand content library, that too at a lucrative price. Sling is definitely among the top contenders, but, does it offer a free trial for you to check whether it has the channels you are looking for?

Is There A Sling TV Free Trial 7 Days?

At the time of writing this guide, there is no free trial available on the website, and there is no guarantee that the offer will make a comeback anytime soon. 

Be vigilant and monitor the website and app frequently; you might get lucky to catch a 3-day trial offer. Yes, that’s the sad part – even if you manage to get a free trial, it’s likely to last only 3 days, which is less than half of what most streaming services offer, if they do at all.

But, in this era when free trials are vanishing rapidly, Sling TV, even though inconsistently, gives a fair chance to flick through its TV channels before committing to a monthly subscription. 

Sling has recently launched Freestream to compensate for the free trial. It’s an ad-supported version of Sling TV, consisting of over 200 live channels and thousands of hours of on-demand streaming content for free. Now, the range of channels is not the same as Sling TV premium, there is still a lot to watch without spending a dime. What’s more, you don’t even need a Sling TV account to access Freestream, go to the website and start streaming right away. 

So, does the Freestream make up for the free trial? Somewhat not, as it lacks some of the most popular networks found in Sling Premium or other paid subscriptions. 

How to Sign up for the Sling TV Free Trial?

So, in case you are fortunate enough to locate a free trial on Sling, take the following steps to get the deal:

  • Go to and scroll down to available plans. Hover over each of the three plans, and if there is a free trial available with either, you will see a TRY US FREE or WATCH FREE NOW button. Click on it. 
  • Next, provide your email ID and password to register for a Sling account. 
  • You will be redirected to the plan and pricing page. Select a plan and click on Continue
  • You can also add premium networks to your subscription, such as STARZ, ShowTime, Epix, CMT, and more. Please remember, most of these extras are also free for 7 days. If you add premium channels, Sling allows you to upgrade to 50 hours of cloud DVR storage for downloading movies and TV shows for offline watching.
  • Lastly, enter your credit card and billing details. After the free trial is over, you will be automatically charged as per the then-current membership price. 

Your Sling TV free trial will begin in a few minutes. You can watch it on the website on your computer, or download the Sling TV app on your Apple, Android, or Amazon Firestick devices. 

What are the Best Deals Available with Sling TV?

Sometimes, instead of a free trial, Sling TV provides a significant discount on the initial month’s subscription cost. For instance, in the first week of January, the company offered a straight 50% discount on all of its three premium plans for the first month. Please remember that these promotional offers are exclusive to new subscribers and may change over time. 

Should you come across such an offer, choose the plan and proceed with the registration process as outlined in the previous section.

Alternatively, you can explore third-party websites like Groupon, LATimes, DealCatcher, RetailMeNot, etc., to hunt for the latest promotional offers and discount codes for Sling TV. Although the success rate of such codes is not very high, you may strike a favorable deal and earn up to three months of Sling free trial. 

How Much Does Sling TV Cost After Free Trial?

At present, there are three premium Sling TV packages available: 

1. Sling Orange

  • $40/month
  • 31 channels, including CNN. Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg TV, BET, AMC, A&E, ESPN, Disney, Food Network, etc. 
  • Stream on 1 device. 

2. Sling Blue

  • $45/month
  • 42 live channels including ABC, AMC, BBC America, Bravo, COMET, Comedy Central, CNN, Discovery, E!, FOX, FS1, NBA TV, FX, and more. 
  • Stream on up to 3 devices.

3. Sling Orange + Blue 

  • $55/month
  • 51 live channels, including Weather Channel, VICE, TNT, Syfy, Nick Jr., NFL Network, National Geographic, MSNBC, Lifetime, History, HGTV, Fox News, ESPN, AMC, A&E, etc. 

If you’re wondering which sling tv package is best, it entirely depends on your preference. If you are more into news and entertainment, Sling Blue is the right choice for you, while Sling Orange is more focused on kids and sports channels. The Orange+Blue brings you the best of the lot. 


1. What are the best Sling TV channels?

Sling offers a compact channel pack, including the popular ones like CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, FOX, NFL, AMC, Discovery, Disney, etc. 

2. Is there any Sling TV free trial for 30 days?

No, currently, Sling TV doesn’t offer any 30-day free trial on any of its packages. 

3. How long is the Sling TV free trial?

At present there is no free trial, but Sling TV typically offers a free trial for 3 days only. You can grab a deal through third-party promotions and enjoy a 7-day Sling TV trial. 

4. Is Sling TV free with Amazon Prime?

No. Amazon Prime Video doesn’t provide a Sling TV broadcast. However, you can watch it on Amazon Firestick via the official app at default prices. 

Final Word

Sling TV may not be the most popular option on your list, but considering the price, it’s worth checking out. You can wait for the free trial to return, but it won’t be the worst idea to subscribe to the Orange plan for a month, if available at a 50% discount ($20/month). This plan provides a well-balanced mix of entertainment, sports, and just enough kid’s channels in the pack. If not, the forever-free Sling Freestream is always there for you. 

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