Netflix Free Trial: Is There Any Free Trick In 2024?

Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming platform, is currently the home of thousands of movies, TV series, and documentaries. While, the platform has constantly improved its content, features, and streaming quality, one thing that has left millions of viewers unhappy is the discontinuation of Netflix free trial offers on top of expensive subscription plans. 

Although the OTT market is saturated with streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, etc., Netflix still sits comfortably on top of the list with nearly 250 million subscribers worldwide. In a landscape where market giants like Amazon and Hulu are offering a month of free trial to entice viewers, Netflix has decided to step away from this practice, requiring upfront payment for access to its streaming services.

Given this scenario, is there any possibility of claiming the free trial on Netflix? If not, what are the other options to enjoy the streaming without paying the maximum price? Stay tuned and we will find out. 

Does Netflix Still Give You a Free Trial?

In 2024, if you still hope for a Netflix free trial offer, you are heading for a massive disappointment. Nearly 4 years ago, Netflix decided to cut down the free trials in the United States, while still keeping the offer for relatively newer markets in developing countries. Netflix felt that the free trials still had some promotional advantage in these emerging markets and tried to attract viewers by offering them a month-long free trial before deciding to continue with the premium plans. 

However, the story is different in the US, where Netflix is already well-established, and pretty much everybody knows about it. The owners didn’t feel the need to market it through free trials anymore, thus slashing the offer, most likely, forever. 

Not long ago, the company removed free trials from India, Kenya, Pakistan, and several other markets, encouraging viewers to join the premium membership to continue streaming. 

Another factor that might have led Netflix to this decision is that the platform previously did not require credit card details to create a free account, which led to millions creating account after account and watching the content without ever actually paying. 

So, moving into 2024, the deal is simple – If you want to watch Netflix, pay for it first. 

How to Watch Netflix for Free?

As you might have guessed by now, there is no direct way to access Netflix for free at the moment. However, there are third-party offers that can help you watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix at no additional cost. For example, T-Mobile has a generous offer called Netflix ON US, which lets you use Netflix as part of specific plans.

Here are the details:

  • Users on Go5G, Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, 55, Military plan, Magenta plan, Magenta MAX plan, and First Responder plans are eligible for this offer. 
  • All qualifying users will get a complimentary Netflix Standard with Ads plan included at no extra cost. 
  • Users must have two or more lines of any type of Go5G or Magenta plan to avail of this offer. 
  • Users should have at least one line of Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX plan to be eligible for free Netflix. 
  • This offer applies to both new and existing Netflix subscribers. 
  • A Netflix account is required to claim this offer. 

To learn more about T-Mobile’s Netflix ON US, click here

What are the Other Options to Access Netflix Cheaply?

But what if you don’t qualify for the T-Mobile Netflix offer? Don’t worry, there are several methods you can explore to enjoy Netflix at a reduced price, or even fee if you get lucky.  

1. Share Netflix Account with Others

One potential solution is to share your Netflix account with friends or family members. Now, Netflix has made the process a bit complicated by introducing new regulations, which only permit account sharing among people living under the same roof. However, if you play the card right, there is still a way you can save a big chunk on Netflix subscription fee. 

For example, with the Netflix Premium account ($22.99/month), you can add two extra members for an additional $16, and all three individuals will get their separate accounts and passwords. Ultimately, you will have Netflix for three for $39, meaning 13$ per person – almost $10 less than the individual cost of a Premium account.

2. Purchase Other Country’s Netflix

Another method you can use is to try subscribing to another country’s Netflix premium, where the price is significantly lower. For instance, in India, the monthly costs for Standard and Premium Netflix plans are $6 and $7.8 respectively, and a basic plan is available for just $2.4 per month.

What you can do is, purchase a reliable VPN program, which won’t cost you more than $5, to access Netflix in India or any other chosen country and subscribe to a premium account. This way you can enjoy unlimited Netflix streaming at significantly affordable prices. However, please keep in mind that the content library might be slightly different than the US due to regional restrictions. 

3. Use Discount and Promo Codes

The Last option is to hunt for promotional and discounted offers available through numerous third-party platforms. For example, you can find various student discounts, partner offers, and festive promotions that allow you to watch Netflix at a significantly reduced cost. To explore the best Netflix deals, check Groupon, USA Today, Mirror, Shopper, RetailMeNot, Forbes, DontPayFull, etc. 


1. What happened to the Netflix free trial 3 months?

Netflix has discontinued all its free trial offers in every country. Now, you have to pay from the get-go to watch movies and TV shows. 

2. How to sign up for Netflix’s free trial in 2024?

Unfortunately, there are no free trials offered by Netflix as of January 2024. 

3. Where can I find a 30-day free trial Netflix code?

Retailmenot, Groupon, Forbes, Tech Radar, and Slickdeals, are some of the popular platforms where you can find verified Netflix 30-day free trial codes. 

4. Can I still create a Netflix-free account without a credit card?

No. Creating a Netflix account is not possible anymore. Now you must add your credit card during registration and pay for the streaming service in advance.  

Final Take

Regrettably, Netflix’s free trial doesn’t seem to be making a comeback in the future. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy the streaming without straining your budget. Also, I recommend subscribing to Hulu or Prime Video, both offering a month of free trial. Yes, you may not find the exact titles as Netflix, but both platforms feature-rich content libraries featuring thousands of hours of movies, documentaries, original series, and TV shows.

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