Here’s How You Can Claim Spotify Student Discount

Now you can claim a Spotify Student discount and enjoy unlimited ad-free music streaming for a maximum 4-year period! Free trials and concessions are disappearing, as the majority of the mainstream streaming platforms have established themselves in the market, they don’t rely on promotional activities as much as they used to do. However, Spotify is still sticking to its free trial and student discount, allowing collegegoers an economical means of accessing ad-free music.

So, let’s explore more and find out what is Spotify Student Premium, what are the benefits, and how to claim the offer.

Does Spotify Have A Student Discount in 2024?

The world’s most popular music streaming company is providing a generous concession on its premium membership for those in school and college. The company has partnered with Hulu, another popular on-demand video streaming platform, offering unlimited music and video streaming blended into one comprehensive membership. 

Don’t get shocked! With Spotify Premium Student, you can stream millions of songs for just $5.99/month, nearly half of what you usually pay. That’s not all, you will be getting a free Hulu with Ads membership, where you can stream thousands of hours of TV shows, superhit films, documentaries, kids’ shows, and Hulu original series. 

The combined value of both memberships is almost $19/month – $10.99/m for Spotify and $7.99/m for Hulu. I am sure you’ve done the math by now – a massive discount of nearly $13.    

Not sure if the offer is worth it? Don’t worry; All new subscribers will get a Spotify premium free trial for 30 days, which you can cancel anytime. 

Note – The offer is available only to those students who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before.

Here’s what you get with Spotify Premium Student:

  • Access to millions of regional, national, and international songs.
  • Download any song to listen offline.
  • Improved music quality.
  • Real-time music streaming with friends.
  • Organize queues and play order.
  • Stream hundreds of movies and TV shows on Hulu.
  • Stream on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV)
  • Create up to six Hulu profiles and watch 2 simultaneous streams.

Who Is Eligible for Spotify Student Discount?

Every individual enrolled in a university or school accredited under Title IV is eligible for the Spotify student discount. Whether you already have a Spotify account or not, you can always switch to a student account, as long as your student’s status stays valid. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you will have to reconfirm your student’s status once every 12 months to continue with Spotify Premium Student. Failing to do so will cost you the usual (then-current) Spotify membership price. 

How To Complete Spotify Student Verification?

Spotify uses SheerID to perform verifications, so you will have to confirm your eligibility through SheerID before applying for Spotify Premium Student. Be mindful that your college/university must be listed on the SheerID Spotify verification panel; otherwise, you cannot claim the discount. 

To demonstrate your eligibility, SheerID may ask you to sign in to your institute portal or upload the necessary documents, such as student ID, tuition documents, class schedule, etc. Make your name and the year of your enrollment visible on the documents. 

After submission, SheerID will review your application and conduct a background check to ensure the validity of your documents. Once confirmed, you will be notified through email, from where you can proceed to fresh Spotify registration or switch to Spotify Premium Student membership. 

Note – If you’re an existing Spotify member paying through a third-party provider (internet or mobile), you will have to cancel your subscription and sign in anew using the approved payment methods – Credit/Debit card and PayPal.  

In case you are facing any eligibility issues, you can reach out to the SheerID support team

How to Register for Spotify Student Premium?

So, how to claim this mouth-watering Spotify student offer? Here are the simple steps:

  • In a web browser, go to and click on Get 1 month free
  • Click on Next to go to the SheerID verification page
  • Enter the required details – first and last name, country, school, DOB, email, and phone number. 

  • To find your institute, enter the first few letters and wait for the result to show up. 
  • Check the privacy policy box and click on Next
  • Next, you will be asked to sign in to your college portal using the registered email ID. 

  • Complete the verification by uploading the required documents in the accepted format. Click on Continue

  • If approved, SheerID will send you an email. You can use the direct link in your email to complete the registration. 
  • Sign in to your existing Spotify or create a new account. 
  • Add a payment method and finish the process. 

Can Hulu subscribers get a Spotify Student Discount?

Absolutely! Hulu Spotify student combo is available for those already subscribed to Hulu. While you have to switch your Hulu billing to Spotify, there are a few other conditions as well: 

  • You are on the basic Hulu (With Ads) plan.
  • You are not subscribed to any Hulu add-ons, such as Max, Paramount+, etc. 
  • You are not paying Hulu through third-party providers, such as Amazon or Roku. 


1. How to get a Spotify student discount without being a student?

There is no way to get Spotify Premium Student without a valid college enrollment. However, if you haven’t used premium before, you can register for a one-month free trial. 

2. What is the best Spotify premium alternative?

Amazon Music Student, available for just $7.49/month (6-month free trial) is the best Spotify alternative. You also get free movies and TV shows, Amazon discounts, and more. 

3. Can I get Spotify Premium student 6 months free?

No. Currently, there is no way to get Spotify Premium students free for six months. 

4. Can I use Spotify family with a student account?

No. Spotify Family is a separate plan ($16.99/month), designed for the entire family (up to six members)

Final Word

As the Premium gets expensive, students have the golden opportunity to claim the Spotify student discount Hulu and enjoy ad-free music along with hundreds of movies and TV shows. At a price of just $5.99, you can’t get a better deal than this. Seize the offer before it disappears into the distance!

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