Does HBO Max Offer Student Discount?

Looking for an HBO Max student discount? This guide aims to provide you with every possible detail. Be it food or entertainment, as a student, we always hunt for budget-friendly options. Unfortunately, the streaming options for students are getting smaller, as the service gets more and more expensive by the day. While major players like Netflix have slashed their free trials and other concessions, many are still generous enough to offer student discounts for those in schools and colleges. 

But What about HBO Max? Does it offer a student discount in 2024? If not, what are the alternate options to access the premier streaming service without hurting your pocket? Let’s find out. 

Does HBO Max Have A Student Discount?

HBO Max is definitely a top-tier streaming service in the US right now, featuring blockbuster TV shows like Friends, The Office, Justice League, The Big Bang Theory, and many others. However, the service comes at a price, $9.99/month to be precise, with no free trial/discounts available. Yes, following its rebranding to Max, the company has eliminated its 7-day free trial and the popular 50% student discount, leaving no option to watch anything without an upfront investment. 

So, currently, there is no HBO Max student discount listed on the company’s website. We understand that the move is clearly driven by economic reasons, aiming to get more people onboard through the premium subscriptions. Also, since HBO has decided to have the premier-day releases exclusively on its platform, it was only logical to cut down any discounts and free trials. 

Despite the absence of a student discount in the U.S, HBO launched its service in some European countries with numerous promotional offers, including 50% on lifetime subscriptions and a 7-day free trial. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore, and currently, users must make initial payment to access the streaming service. 

How To Get HBO Max Student Discount?

Since there is no direct HBO Max student discount available, what are the other options? 

1. Third-Party Providers and Institutes

HBO Max allows users to connect through third-party providers, including telecom networks, wireless operators, and selected universities. Please keep in mind that not all providers offer a direct student account, however, there are high chances you can get access at a lower price. What you can do is go through the supported providers list and look for a promotional offer. 

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Open a web browser and visit
  • On the homepage, click on CONNECT YOUR PROVIDER
  • Scroll through the list of providers and find your university/provider’s name. The names are given in alphabetical order. 
  • You can also type the name in the search bar.
  • If you find your provider/university, click on it, and you will be redirected to its login page. 
  • Sign in using your account and check for the available discounts.

It’s worth noting that this method is useful only if your current provider is offering a concession on HBO Max.

2. HBO Max Student Discount Codes

Another option is to search for HBO Max discount coupons on the internet. There are numerous third-party websites where you can find seasonal offers, featuring heavy discounts on monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Here are some popular websites you can find HBO Mac student discount codes: couponlabstudentbeansgroupon, etc.

How to Watch HBO Max Free?

I am sure, by now you know that it’s not that straightforward to watch HBO Max without registering for a paid membership. However, if you are a Cricket Wireless user, you can forget about the HBO student discount at all. Let me tell you why.  

With the $60/month Cricket Wireless plan, you can enjoy unlimited access to the basic (ad-supported) HBO Max plan. This plan includes:

  • Entire Max content library, including award-winning films, reality shows, premier-day releases, Max original shows, and more. 
  • Ad-supported content
  • Option to watch two simultaneous streams (SD in mobile version)
  • Full HD resolution
  • Sports add-on (NBA, NHL, March Madness) for a limited period

How Much Does HBO Max Cost?

HBO Max offers three premium plans in 2024. 

1. With Ads

  • Price – $9.99/month, $99.99/year
  • Stream in full HD
  • Two simultaneous streams

2. Ad-Free

  • Price – $15.99/month, $149.99/year
  • Full HD streaming and two simultaneous streams
  • 30 titles download

3. Ultimate Ad-Free

  • Price – $19.99/month, $199.99/year
  • Four simultaneous streams
  • 4K UHD 
  • Dolby Atmos


1. Is HBO Max free with Amazon Prime?

No, the Amazon HBO Max free trial has been discontinued a while ago. Now you will have to pay $9.99 to watch Max on Prime. 

2. How to use HBO max student discount codes?

Go to in your smartphone or computer browser and enter your promo code to redeem it. 

3. Is HBO Max offering a free trial in 2024?

No. HBO Max free trial has been discontinued since 2021. 

4. What are the cheapest alternatives to HBO Max?

Amazon Prime is the most affordable HBO Max alternative. You can get a 6-month free trial and a 50% monthly discount with your student ID.  

5. Is there any Hulu HBO max student discount?

While HBO Max has removed the student discount, you can enjoy Hulu streaming just for $1.99/month with a valid student enrollment. 

Final Word

Evidently, HBO Max student discount is out of reach, at least for the time being. However, you are not out of options. My suggestion is to conduct research to find if the platform features the movies and TV shows that capture your interest. If not, then look for alternatives. The best one is Amazon Prime Student, where you can enjoy a 6-month trial period, and following that, continue your membership for $7.49/month as long as your student status remains valid. Not only that, even without a student ID, you are eligible for Amazon Student Discount if you are between 18-24 years old. 

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