Can You Get Netflix Student Discount in 2024?

Netflix is home to some of the world’s most popular movies and TV series, including students’ favorites Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, The Office, and more. But is there a Netflix student discount that can get you access to these shows at lower prices? Let’s dig deeper and find out. 

Netflix, the world’s biggest on-demand streaming platform has recently slashed two most-loved features – the free trial and password sharing. The company doesn’t find it necessary to employ conventional marketing tactics to entice the viewers, instead riding on its massive content library, including blockbuster classic films, TV series, and Netflix originals. 

Does Netflix Have A Student Discount?

Sadly No. Netflix never had any specific discounts or deals for students, nor does it seem to be on the cards. The premium streaming platform has firmly established itself in the market, and even though a significant portion of its subscribers are teenagers, the owners don’t seem to be interested in luring more students with a discounted plan. 

Also, since the majority of Netflix subscribers are below 35, it seems like a lot of students have already purchased a premium account or are accessing the service through shared accounts with friends or family. Offering a student discount at this moment doesn’t seem to be a financially prudent move from the company’s point of view, regardless of how appealing it may seem to us.

How to Watch Netflix for Free?

So, the truth of the matter is that you have to make an upfront payment to watch Netflix in 2024, at least $6.99 to be precise. However, if you invest smartly, you can save a chunk by sharing a Netflix account with individuals living in the same household or those outside. Let me explain how. 

As we know Netflix has cut down the free sharing of Netflix, and now only the people living under the same roof are allowed to share an account. However, for an extra cost of $7.99, you can bring an outside member to your Netflix account. It’s important to note that only Standard ($15.49/m) and Premium ($22.99/m) allow you to add extra members. 

So, for instance, you can purchase a Premium plan for $22.99 and bring two extra members for $$7.99 each. This way, all three individuals can have a premium account for $39, effectively costing $13 per month per person, nearly $10 less than the original monthly cost of a premium account. If you can further share your account with more household members, the per-person cost will come down even more. 

Each sharing partner will have their own Netflix Sign-up and profile, making it easy to get personalized recommendations and watching preferences. 

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Currently, there are three Netflix plans available in the US:

1. Standard With Ads – $6.99/m

  • A few ad breaks
  • Download on up to two devices
  • 2 simultaneous streams
  • Full HD 1080p (Good)

2. Standard – $15.49/m

  • No ad breaks
  • Download on up to two devices
  • 2 simultaneous streams
  • Full HD 1080p (Good)
  • Add one extra member for $7.99/m

3. Premium – $22.99/m

  • No ad breaks
  • Download on up to six devices
  • 4 simultaneous streams
  • 4K Ultra HD+HDR (Best)
  • Immersive sound (Spatial audio)
  • Add two extra members for $7.99/m

Does Unidays Have A Netflix Student Discount?

Unidays is a popular portal for students around the world, bringing a variety of multi-brand discounts and deals all in one place. Often, you will find Netflix gift cards listed on the website, offering significant discounts on monthly subscriptions. The probability is higher during festive seasons, such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

What Are The Alternatives to Netflix Student Discounts?

So, Netflix’s student discount is non-existent at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you are out of choices. The best alternative available is Amazon Prime Student where, not only you can watch hundreds of blockbuster films and popular TV series, but also get a variety of extra services bundled in a single Amazon Prime account.

That’s not all! Amazon Prime Student comes with a 6-month free trial, followed by a subscription fee of just $7.49 per month until your student status expires, or you turn 24 – whichever occurs first. Moreover, unlike Netflix, you can share your Amazon Prime with your friends and family at no extra cost. 

Here is what you get with an Amazon Prime Student subscription:

  • Access to hundreds of superhit movies, TV series, documentaries, and Amazon-exclusive content. 
  • Free Amazon Music where you can stream millions of songs – ad-free. 
  • Express delivery with Amazon Prime 
  • Early access to Prime Day sales events
  • Exclusive discounts on Prime-qualified products
  • Read thousands of books, magazines, Kindle Singles, etc., with Prime Reading


1. What’s the best alternative to Netflix for students?

Amazon Prime Student is currently offering a 6-month trial and half-price subscription ($7.49/m) subscription to students, making it the best Netflix alternative. 

2. Can I get a Netflix student discount unidays in 2024?

Currently, Unidays doesn’t have any Netflix student offers listed on its website. However, keep checking it for the latest discounts and promotional student deals in the future. 

3. Where to find genuine Netflix student discount codes?

It’s very tricky to find any student discount codes that work with Netflix. However, you can try portals like RetailMeNot, GroupOn, Dealcatcher, MoneyNing, Promocodes, etc. 

4. Is there a Netflix free trial in 2024?

No, Netflix has discontinued the free trial long ago. 

5. Is there a penalty for sharing a Netflix account?

There is no penalty for sharing a Netflix account. You will simply need to pay $7.99/m for sharing it with an extra person. 

Final Word

Whether it’s food or entertainment, as students, we’re constantly on the lookout for discounts and deals. Unfortunately, Netflix student discount is not a reality yet, and we believe it will never be. Nevertheless, you can scour the internet for Netflix student discount codes or collaborate with friends to share a premium account. If you’re open to alternatives and don’t have any specific Netflix-exclusive content in mind, I strongly recommend Amazon Prime Student for a price of $7.49, including a 6-month free trial. 

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