All Netflix Secret Codes For 2024

Netflix, the world’s most popular on-demand streaming platform features a huge collection of films, TV shows, and documentaries from across the world. Yet, if you believe you’ve gone through all of them, you might be very wrong. Did you know that currently, Netflix has over 5000 titles streaming on its website, with fresh additions cropping up each month? While it’s not possible to sift through all of them, there are some Netflix secret codes that can make the task easier for you. 

So, what exactly are these Netflix codes? Can anyone access them? And if so, how to use them to navigate through Netflix’s huge content library? In this guide, I will provide you with answers to all the questions. Stay tuned. 

What Is Netflix’s Secret Codes?

Netflix’s secret code is basically a 4–8-digit number that represents a specific category of films and TV shows available on the website. 

Your Netflix home screen includes a selection of titles from your watching history, top trending in your region, recommendations based on your preferences, titles worth re-watching, and so on. You might be surprised to know that the titles showcased on the Netflix home screen don’t account for even 5% of the entire Netflix library. This is where Netflix secret codes come into play, allowing you to access thousands of hidden movies and TV shows that you won’t find normally. 

These secret codes exist from Netflix’s DVD-only phase. Those days, the company used to have a public genre arrangement, where each type of film and TV show was organized in a category, each linked to a specific code. Very soon some fans discovered this trick and shared all the codes online, and since then, viewers have been using those codes to find less-hyped titles on the platform. Netflix also has introduced hundreds of new secret codes associated with various categories since then.  

What Are The Best Netflix Codes 2024?

Here are the popular categories and Netflix secret codes to access them:

Category Netflix Secret Code
Action Comedies 43040
Action Thrillers 43048
Horror Comedy 89585
TV Horror 83059
Romantic Favorites 502675
Teen Screams 52147
Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy 47147
Classic Westerns 47465
Cult TV Shows 74652
French Movies 58807
Japanese Movies 10398
Disney Musicals 59433
Kids Faith & Spirituality 751423
Classic War Movies 48744
Comedy 6548
Psychological Thrillers 5505
Urban & Dance Concerts 9472
Vampire Horror Movies 75804
Werewolf Horror Movies 75930
Zombie Horror Movies 75405
TV Shows 83
Anime Horror 10695
Anime Fantasy 11146
Anime Features 3063
Teen TV Shows 60951
TV Mysteries 4366
Science & Nature TV 52780
Music & Concert Documentaries 90361
British TV Shows 52117
Crime TV Shows 26146
Military TV Shows 25804
Cult TV Shows 74652
TV Comedies 10375
World Music Concerts 2856
Film Noir 7687
Slapstick Comedies 10256
Independent Movies 7077
Stand-up Comedy 11559
TV Documentaries 10105
Classic Comedies 31694
Dramas 5763
TV Dramas 11714
Teen Dramas 9299
Romantic Dramas 1255
Silent Movies 53310
Fantasy Movies 9744
Action & Adventure 1365
Thrillers 8933
Mysteries 9994
Music 1701
Biographical Dramas 3179
Baseball Movies 12339
Basketball Movies 12762
Soccer Movies 12549
Sports Movies 4370
Art House Movies 29764
TV Action & Adventure 10673
Mockumentaries 26
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1372
TV Cartoons 11177
Dark Comedies 869
Social & Cultural Documentaries 3675
Political Documentaries 7018
Animal Tales 5507
Education for Kids 10659
Military Documentaries 4006
Food & Travel TV 72436
Rock & Pop Concerts 3278
Romantic Independent Movies 9916
Experimental Movies 11079
Late Night Comedies 1402
Political Thrillers 10504
Family Features 51056
Period Pieces 12123
Gangster Movies 31851
Steamy Romantic Movies 35800
Asian Action Movies 77232
Kids’ TV 27346
Soccer Movies 12549
Screwball Comedies 9702
Romantic Comedies 5475
Comedy 6548
Romantic Foreign Movies 7153
Westerns 7700
Sports & Fitness 9327
Adventure 7442
Travel & Adventure Documentaries 1159
Foreign Horror Movies 8654
African Movies 3761
Sports Comedies 5286
Dutch Movies 10606
TV Horror 83059
Martial Arts Movies 8985
Steamy Thrillers 972
Science & Nature Documentaries 2595
TV Dramas 11714
Adult Animation 11881
Spanish Movies 58741
Creature Features 6895
Romantic Movies 8883
Greek Movies 61115
Irish Movies 58750
Eastern European Movies 5254
Middle Eastern Movies 5875
Scandinavian Movies 9292
Latin American Movies 1613
Southeast Asian Movies 9196
Italian Movies 8221
German Movies 58886
Australian Movies 5230
Korean Movies 5685
Indian Movies 10463
New Zealand Movies 63782
Russian 11567
Chinese Movies 3960
TV Shows 83
Anime 7424
Anime Action 2653
Anime Comedies 9302
Anime Dramas 452
Anime Fantasy 11146
Anime Features 3063
Anime Horror 10695
Anime Sci-Fi 2729
Anime Series 6721
Classic Foreign Movies 32473
Foreign Movies 7462
Middle Eastern Movies 5875
World Music Concerts 2856
Soccer Movies 12549
Foreign Movies 7462
Middle Eastern Movies 5875
World Music Concerts 2856


Note: Please remember that not all codes might work for everyone. Some categories or titles could be unavailable due to location-based restrictions. 

How To Use Netflix Secret Codes?

Using the Netflix secret codes is extremely straightforward. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • From the previous section, find the code for your preferred Netflix category.
  • Open a web browser and sign in to your Netflix account. 
  • Next, go to Don’t worry if the page doesn’t respond. 

  • Type the selected category code at the end of the URL and hit the enter key. 

You will be redirected to the page containing movies and TV shows from the category you chose. 

Can I Use The Secret Codes On Netflix App?

Please remember that these codes can only be used with the Netflix website, not the app. However, you can find titles using the secret codes and add them to your watchlist. Later, you can access them using the Netflix application on your desktop or smartphone. 


1. Does Netflix have a secret menu?

No, Netflix doesn’t have a secret menu, but you can discover hidden titles by using secret codes.  

2. What are the best Netflix secret codes horror?

89585 83059 75804 75930 75405 are the best codes to access horror movies from various categories. 

3. Are there any Netflix secret codes for adults only?

You can use 35800 and 11881 to watch steamy and adult-rated films on Netflix.

4. Do Netflix secret codes work in any country?

Not all the codes may work in each country, since not all the titles are available everywhere due to location-based restrictions. 

Final Word

What are you waiting for? Find the Netflix secret codes for your favorite genre and start binge-watching today. Keep in mind that these codes were originally devised by Netflix staff to categorize the films and TV shows, however, now, the company employs complex algorithms to develop them. Thus, it’s possible some codes might not work, simply because they have been changed. 

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