30 Sites To Watch Movies For Free

Streaming services are getting more expensive by the day, and for those on a tight budget, it’s not easy to bear the cost of multiple subscriptions. Thankfully, you are not out of options, as there are numerous sites to watch movies for free, where you can find your favorite films and TV series without hurting your budget.

While there are hundreds of free movie websites floating around the internet, only a select few provide reliable streaming without bombarding your screen with annoying advertisements every few seconds. Let’s explore further and find out the best of the lot. 

30 Best Sites to Watch Movies For Free in 2024

Finding a decent online platform to enjoy free movies is not an easy task, as many of the available options are bogus, offer poor streaming quality, and intend to generate ad clicks only. To make the job easier for you, our team has evaluated over 65 of such websites, picking the best 30. 

Let’s take a look.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Despite being a subscription-based platform, I am starting my list with Amazon Prime Video. The main reason is its extremely generous trial offer where you can enjoy add-free full movies for up to six months without paying anything. 

Amazon Prime Video is home to some of the most popular TV series and classic films, including The Godfather, Supernatural, The Office, and Sherlock, as well as Amazon Original documentaries. 

2. Peacock TV

NBC Universal’s streaming partner Peacock TV offers an ad-supported free version which gives you limited access to its content library. Nevertheless, with Peacock TV free, you can stream over 40,000 hours worth of movies and TV shows, including blockbusters like Downton Abbey, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Scarface, Taken, Seven, and many others.  All you need to do is sign up for an account and you are good to go. 

3. PutLocker

Outside of paid streaming platforms, Putlocker has been the number-one choice among movie lovers. The website doesn’t have much to offer; you can either search by the movie name or use the filters (country, genre, year) to locate a specific movie or TV show. The only downside is that the website occasionally redirects to a black page, which can be frustrating while browsing through titles. 

4. Tubi

Tubi is a great place to catch timeless cinematic gems from countries like Australia, India, France, etc. It’s an ad-supported streaming platform where you can enjoy thousands of popular films and TV shows without spending a penny. Yes, the ads can be a bit distracting but rest assured there are zero pop-ups, the website’s clean interface makes it a decent overall movie-watching experience. 

5. Solar Movie

Solar Movie gives you free access to some of the IMDB’s top-trending TV shows and films. Nearly all the content on the website is available in HD and full HD, and that too without any ad interruptions. You can enjoy superhits like Chornobyl, Shawshank Redemption, Breaking Bad, The Last of Us, Doctor Who, and many more. Additionally, there is a decent amount of foreign films from countries like India, Italy, and Korea available to stream. 

6. Fandango At Home

Previously known as Vudu, Fandango At Home focuses primarily on the latest TV shows and movies spanning various genres, meaning you can catch recent blockbuster titles like Oppenheimer, barbie, and Poor Things. While not all content is free, you can still watch hundreds of classic films, old TV shows, documentaries, and reality programs. It’s not an entirely ad-free platform, but the frequency of ads is on the lower side, which makes it one of the best sites to watch movies for free. 

7. AZMovies

One of the most trusted websites to watch movies for free, AZMovies features a huge collection of high-definition international films across various genres like drama, comedy, horror, and romance. The website has a friendly interface and contains minimum ad interference during streaming. The top picks and recently added movies can be found on the home page, with an option to search for the movies by title, genre, and release year. 

8. MyFixer

MyFixer updates its content library every day, ensuring you will always find the desired titles. The website utilizes some of the fastest servers to bring you high-definition streaming without any buffering, along with an option for one-click download. While the website is quick to respond and easy to navigate, the constant pop-up appearance is extremely frustrating.

All the latest films and TV series are listed on the home page, with a universal search option available on the top. With a respectable streaming quality and negligible ad interference, this is a viable option to enjoy your favorite movies without spending anything. 

9. YouTube

Although YouTube is primarily for watching videos, there are thousands of full-length feature films available, including the ones uploaded by the original production houses. While new releases and popular films are only available for rent and purchase, you can still find a huge collection of classic films from all around the world. What’s best, there is no registration required; you can start watching it right away on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone without investing anything. 

10, Pluto TV

With Pluto TV, you can watch evergreen films like Titanic and Godfather, as well as modern blockbusters such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Iron Man, and American Pie. Apart from this, Pluto TV also offers live TV channels, many of which broadcast Hollywood’s classic masterpieces daily. You can also enjoy the live streaming of MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and other popular American TV channels.  All the content on Pluto is ad-supported, however, they are less frequent and 100% safe. 

11. Yify TV

If you are not able to find your favorite film or TV series on any other free movie websites, there is a high chance that Yify TV has it. The platform features one of the most extensive libraries, containing both classic and contemporary films and TV shows. You can filter your search by genre, release year, and country, or simply search for the little you want to watch. moreover, you can find TV shows from popular networks like A&E, ABC, BBC America, CNN, Comedy Central, and plenty more. 

12. StreamLord

StreamLord is an excellent place to watch films without ad interruptions and pop-ups. As for the content library, the website features thousands of TV series episodes, documentaries, and movies, including some of the newest releases. While the streaming quality is on par with other free streaming platforms, here, you get high-quality subtitles, enabling you to enjoy the cinema from across the globe. 

13. Crackle

Crackle is an ad-supported streaming platform where you will find a decent collection of vintage and new films, classic TV series, and episodes from reality TV shows. While streaming quality is fantastic, viewers may have to watch 2 to 3 15-second advertisements with each title, which can be bothersome. The homepage contains popular titles across genres, but there is also an option to search for the desired content by typing the name in the search bar. 

14. Flixtorz

From Hollywood, Bollywood, European, or Asian, Flixtorz boats a wide array of global movies and TV series, all with subtitles. The streaming experience is decent and more importantly, free of advertisements and annoying pop-ups. Simply type the movie name you want to watch or use the genre and country filters to discover the titles. The only downside is that among the latest releases titles, some may have extremely poor theatre-recorded quality.

15. MusicHQ

Don’t get misguided by the name; MusicHQ is a decent streaming platform where you can enjoy a wide range of high-definition content, ranging from vintage films to newly released anime. While there are no complaints regarding the streaming quality, the pop-ups may ruin the overall experience, especially if you accidentally click on them. On the homepage, you will find options to search for a film by genre, country, or simply by typing the related keywords.

16. Yes!Movies

Loaded with nearly 9000 movies and TV shows, Yes!Movies is among the best sites to watch movies for free. Once you know your way around the ad pop-ups, you can have a decent viewing experience on the website, particularly with features like the mini player and dark background. Also, nearly all the movies and TV shows are available with subtitles, making it a good option to consume international cinema. Simply find a title using the genre, country, or release year filters. You can also find IMDB toppers or sort the titles in alphabetic order.

17. Internet Archive

No registration, no login, and zero ads – Internet Archive has it all! This website has the highest probability of hosting your favorite movie or TV show, irrespective of its release year, genre, or country of origin. Whether you want a classic from the 1950s or the 2024 Oscar winner Oppenheimer, just type the name and enjoy high-definition streaming without ad interruptions. 

18. Xumo Play

Xumo Play is one of the best free movie apps available for both Apple and Android devices. While you may not find the latest releases here, there is an abundance of classic films and TV shows available, particularly within the crime, thriller, and horror genres. Not that just, there are nearly 100 free live channels where you can catch the latest sports, weather updates, TV shows, and of course classic films. The ad interruptions are negligible and the streaming quality is fantastic, given it’s a completely free service. 

19. Tiny Zone

Another free movie streaming site, TinyZone brings you the best of both – the user experience and content strength. Currently hosting over 250000 movies and TV show episodes, the website has no shortage of entertainment. Also, all the titles are available in 720p and 1080p with English and Spanish subtitles supported. While the website contains pop-up ads, they are navigable and don’t interfere with the viewing experience. Just type the title or sort the movies based on genre and country. 

20. Kanopy

Kanopy is a unique platform where you can borrow movies or TV shows for free using your university/college ID or public library card. The content library is curated around inspiring movies, documentaries, critically acclaimed international films, and multiple award winners. You can stream Kanopy across your devices, and yes, there are zero advertisements and pop-ups, which makes the overall viewing experience fantastic. 

21. PopcornFlix

Popcornoflix may not host popular titles like Godfather, The Office, Friends, or Oppenheimer, but rest assured, you will never run out of content, especially if looking to binge-watch TV series. Action, comedy, anime, or classic horror, there is an ample amount of films and TV shows in high-definition with minimum advertisements and pop-ups. To make browsing easy, there are curated lists of similar films, however, you can also find the desired title using the universal search option. On the flip side, the site is slow at times and takes a while to load the media. 

22. Bounce TV

Bounce is a unique streaming platform that features movies, documentaries, and talk shows targeting African-American audiences. You can enjoy numerous off-network TV shows original programs, and films; completely free and with minimal ad disturbance.

However, unlike conventional free movie sites, content here is available only at scheduled airing times. All you have to do is browse through the available media and find out the time of airing. Please note that you will not find the latest movies and mainstream web series here, but for those looking for out-of-the-league entertainment, Bounce is perfect.

23. Afdah Movies

Afdah is among the rare sites where you can watch the newest releases within 24 hours of the premier. The platform features thousands of films across genres, including a decent amount of international TV shows, all with English subtitles. The interface is straightforward and doesn’t have much to offer, except film categories and a search bar. There are relatively fewer ad pop-ups, but the 30-second advertisements before and during the movie are frustrating. Also, we’ve noticed huge buffering delays with some high-definition titles. 

24. Yidio

Yidio is a streaming directory that can help you find where a particular movie or TV show is streaming. While the platform itself doesn’t host any content, it constantly monitors top on-demand services as well as legal free movie websites.

All you need to do is request a title and Yidio will present all the available streaming options, including the free ones. It’s worth noting that you will not find free streaming options for every title, especially the latest releases. Nonetheless, it’s a convenient place to find films, saving you from lengthy Google searches. 

25. FMovies

FMovies is no different than typical ad-supported sites to watch movies for free. Although the streaming experience is not top-notch, you get over 6000 films and TV shows spanning various genres from more than 35 countries. What impressed us the most was the availability of both new and old titles, that too with decent quality and minimal buffering. We were even able to watch 1941’s blockbuster Citizen Kane. The site’s interface is nothing to brag about; usual genre and country filters, with an added option to find IMBD top picks. 

26. Moviesjoy

Moviejoy brings you the finest movies of the last five years, including the ones released in 2024. The platform features nearly 3000 films, mostly within the horror, sci-fi, and action genres, giving you a lot to explore. You can search for movies by the title but don’t expect to find masterpieces like Godfather, Pump Fiction, or Oppenheimer. While most old films are available in high-definition, the new movies may have inferior quality, as most of them are theatre-recorded versions. Also, the unavoidable constant ads and pop-ups on the screen ruin the overall viewing experience. 

27. The Roku Channel

Roku, One of America’s most popular on-demand streaming platforms, offers restricted access to its content library for free. The library is not as vast as you get with a premium subscription, but you will have a reasonable amount of hit films, TV shows, and Roku Originals to watch. Mind you it’s an ad-supported version, so be prepared to watch a few during the streaming. However, the streaming quality, website interface, and experience are top-notch, and zero ad clicks make your cinematic experience more enjoyable. 

28. Plex TV

Plex is an all-in-one entertainment hub to enjoy free films, TV shows, and live television. With nearly 20000 movies and episodes, it features one of the largest content libraries on the internet. However, not all the titles will be available for free. The website is a breeze to navigate through, and there are no ad clicks to contend with, which is always a positive when dealing with sites to watch movies for free. However, you may have to watch two 30-second advertisements before every streaming session. Furthermore, you can create a Plex account and access your watchlist across multiple devices. 

29. HD Today

HD Today is among the oldest sites to watch free movies, where you can find nearly every title imaginable, be it iconic films like Godfather, Titanic, and Barbie, or beloved sitcoms like The Office, Seinfeld, and Friends. In our assessment, we were able to find nearly every movie and TV show we searched for, all with 1080p resolution and English subtitles. What’s more, the platform offers a 100% ad-free experience, with zero ad clicks, or buffering delays during streaming whatsoever. You can shortlist the titles based on country and genre, or simply type the keyword and start bing-watching. 

30. SFlix

My last recommendation is SFlix, a decent platform to watch free movies and web series if somehow you’ve failed to find one from the previous 29. The content is available in good quantity, however, the poor and slow-responding website tests your patience before you finally find the streaming. Thankfully, the viewing experience is decent – HD quality, subtitles, zero ads, and ad clicks. All in all, it is a typical slow free website that you could easily avoid. 


1. How to stream movies for free?

To enjoy movies for free, all you need is an ad-supported platform offering content without any premium plans. You can pick one of the above-mentioned websites. 

2. What are the best free illegal movie websites?

123Movies, Soap2day, Kodi, Mobdro, and Vumoo are some of the free streaming websites that host content illegally. 

3. Which is the best site to watch movies for free?

To watch free movies online, you can use sites like PlexTV, StreamLord, Pluto TV, YouTube, and The Roku Channel. 

4. How to watch Netflix for free?

Netflix doesn’t offer any free trial or discounts for its users. Hence the only way to watch it for free is by requesting access from a friend or family member. 

Final Word

That’s a wrap-up. Please keep in mind that most sites to watch movies for free are tainted and don’t have the necessary license to stream legally. While the legitimacy of these platforms largely depends on copyright laws, geographical restrictions, and licensing agreements, it’s considered safe to watch content on them. Nevertheless, this guide only contains quality websites with no fraudulent activities or clickbait.

So find the one that works for you and start binge-watching today. I would also strongly advise you to use a reliable VPN program before accessing such websites to ensure both your identity and your device’s data stay safe. 

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