10 Movies Like Knives Out To Watch Next

Rian Johnson’s witty 2019 murder mystery Knives Out delighted audiences with its modern take on the classic whodunit genre. With an ensemble cast, clever storytelling, and quotable dialogue, the film left many craving more entertaining mysteries in that vein.

Today we recommend 10 must-see movies to watch if you enjoyed the sharp humor and twisty plots of Knives Out. From edge-of-your-seat thrillers like Side Effects to darkly comedic mysteries such as Clue, these cinematic gems deliver equally engaging games of catch-the-killer filled with suspects, surprises, and style to spare.

10 Movies Like Knives Out 

“Knives Out,” directed by Rian Johnson, is a modern whodunit that blends mystery with humor. If you enjoyed “Knives Out,” here are 10 movies with a similar vibe, focusing on their box office success, critical reviews, and audience ratings.

1. “Murder on the Orient Express” (2017)

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel was a box office hit, grossing over $352 million worldwide. The film features a star-studded cast and received mixed to positive reviews for its faithful adaptation and Branagh’s performance as Hercule Poirot. It holds a rating of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating generally favorable reviews.

2. “Clue” (1985)

A cult classic, “Clue” is based on the popular board game. Though it was not a significant box office success upon release, it has since gained a loyal following for its witty script and comedic take on the murder mystery genre. The film has been appreciated for its ensemble cast and clever storytelling, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 65%.

3. “Gosford Park” (2001)

Directed by Robert Altman, this British mystery film was both a critical and commercial success, grossing $87 million worldwide. Set in a 1930s English country house, the movie received acclaim for its intricate plot and stellar ensemble cast. “Gosford Park” won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 86%.

4. “The Hateful Eight” (2015)

Quentin Tarantino’s gritty western mystery received mixed reviews but was praised for its screenplay, direction, and performances, especially by Jennifer Jason Leigh. The film grossed over $155 million worldwide and holds a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Its theatrical release featured a special 70mm format, enhancing the viewing experience.

5. “Death on the Nile” (2022)

Another Agatha Christie adaptation directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film follows Hercule Poirot on a luxurious Nile cruise. The movie received mixed reviews, with praise for its visuals and Branagh’s performance but criticism for its pacing. It grossed over $137 million globally and has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 63%.

6. “Sleuth” (1972)

A critical darling, “Sleuth” is a thrilling cat-and-mouse game between Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. The film was a box office success and received critical acclaim for its clever plot and outstanding performances. It holds a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

7. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (2014)

Wes Anderson’s film is not a traditional mystery but shares the quirky, detailed storytelling and ensemble cast of “Knives Out.” It was a box office success, grossing over $174 million worldwide, and received critical acclaim for its unique style, story, and performances, boasting a 91% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

8. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011)

Directed by David Fincher, this thriller was a commercial success, grossing over $232 million worldwide. It received critical acclaim for its dark, gripping narrative and strong performances, especially by Rooney Mara. The film holds an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

9. “Brick” (2005)

Also directed by Rian Johnson, “Brick” is a neo-noir mystery that received critical acclaim for its unique blend of high school drama and hardboiled detective tropes. Although not a box office hit, it has gained a cult following and holds a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

10. “The Nice Guys” (2016)

Directed by Shane Black, this buddy cop film set in the 1970s pairs a private eye with a hired enforcer. The movie was well-received for its humor, plot, and chemistry between leads Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. It grossed $62 million worldwide and has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 92%, praised for blending comedy with mystery effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the lead character in “Knives Out” and its sequel?

Daniel Craig portrays detective Benoit Blanc in “Knives Out” and its sequel, “Glass Onion.”

What movies inspired the creation of “Glass Onion”?

“Glass Onion” draws inspiration from classic murder mystery films like “Evil Under the Sun,” “Death on the Nile,” and “The Last of Sheila.”

Are “Knives Out” and “Glass Onion” the same movie?

While both films feature Benoit Blanc as the detective, they are standalone movies with their unique characters, settings, and storylines.

Will there be another movie in the “Knives Out” series?

Yes, “Knives Out 3” is currently in the works as part of Rian Johnson’s deal with Netflix for a trilogy of sequels. Stay tuned for updates on the release date.

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